Sympathy Flowers

It’s always such an honour to be asked to create sympathy tributes for a loved one. There’s several types to choose from, such as double or single ended sprays, wreaths, hearts or crosses, or something unique and bespoke to reflect that special person. Have a look at the gallery below and contact me to discuss what you would like.

Double & Single Ended Sprays

Double ended sprays are often the design of choice to sit on the coffin. They have are diamond shaped symmetrical design. Single ended sprays are teardrop shaped and are also a popular choice to sit on top of the coffin. They are created in the colours of your choosing with a floral mix including roses as the focal flower. 

Double-ended and single-ended sprays are priced from £50 a foot. For example, 3ft spray is from £150, 4ft from £200, 5ft from £250.

Sympathy Wreaths

These are very popular, a simple circular shape which is available is different sizes. They look beautiful with mixed flowers and foliage. Or go natural with a vine wreath and floral head spray.

As a guide, the mixed loose design are from £60 small (approx 13″), £80 medium (approx 15″) and £100 for a large size (approx 17″). Other sizes are possible, please ask for prices.

Hearts and Crosses

Hearts are available as solid, open (with a the centre removed) and entwined (two hearts linked together). Crosses and hearts come in different sizes and can be based with chrysanthemums or roses, or to loose based with a mix of flowers and foliage. 

Solid Hearts – based with chrysanthemums or mixed flower start from £65 small size (approx 13″), £90 medium size (approx 15″) and £120 large size (18″), other sizes are possible, please ask. 

Open Heart – based with chrysanthemums or mixed flower start from £110 medium size (approx 18″), £140 large size (approx 21″). Small size is not available.

Crosses – based with chrysanthemums or mixed flower start from £100 (approx. 2ft) and £130 (approx 3ft). Based with roses – please ask for a quote.

Posy Pad, Pillow and Cushion Tributes

Posy pads are a circular shaped tributes, pillows are rectangular and cushions are square. They can be based with chrysanthemums and have a floral head spray or be loose based with a mix of flowers and foliage. Also shown are little posies arranged in foam in a shallow dish. These come with a mix of flowers and foliage and have a domed appearance.

Prices start from £60 for a standard size (approx 13″), £80 for a large (approx 15″) and £100 for an extra large size (approx 17″). 

Cushions and pillows are priced dependant on size and style.

Hand Tied Sheaths

Another popular choice, the hand tied sheath. This is essentially a flat bouquet but without the wrapping. 

Prices start from £40 for a small sized posy or simple rose sheath and go up depending on the size and content required. A lovely medium sized mixed flower sheath is from £55 and large mixed sheath from £75.

Single stems of roses can also be ordered, they are wrapped in paper for protection but are easily untied so they can be handed out and placed on the coffin at the internment.


These can be based in chrysanthemums with a floral head spray or have a mixture of flowers and foliage in colours of your choosing.

Prices start from £60 a letter.

Bespoke Tributes

Would you like something bespoke designed? Here’s some examples of special tributes I’ve made.